Whether it's due to the ending of a successful career or underperformance, winding down is an eventual business reality for every General Partner.

Who we serve

We partner with General Partners, fund managers and other key executives at hedge fund, private equity and privately owned firms to create an organized and structured process to wind-down investment management entities and the funds they manage.

What we do

We provide advisory, regulatory, operational, accounting, and finance assistance to minimize your risk and maximize the investor capital. Determining the objectives and targets of a fund are clear; executing a wind-down, however, is complex, time-consuming, and highly sensitive. At Constellation, you'll have our team assist you with managing asset liquidation, minimizing inefficiencies and expenses, and retaining key personnel.

We emphasize the importance of retaining investor value. Our team of experts works to maximize capital by streamlining the wind-down process, efficiently dismantling the management and fund infrastructure, and managing expenses.

How we do it

Upon initiation of the wind-down process, our team conducts an analysis of the investment portfolio and operations of the fund and manager. We will set up a transition plan by obtaining all relevant formation documents, and service provider work product, including bank statements, prior year audited financial statements, and tax returns. Based on this assessment, we provide a budget upfront, identify key personnel to retain during the wind-down process, and establish an investor committee to ensure the investors' interests is represented.

After our blue print plan is constructed, we will assist in liquidating the assets, managing the final audit and tax return, and distributing cash and/or assets. Additionally, we facilitate the termination of service provider contracts, and bank accounts once operations are finalized. Throughout the entire process, we maintain communications with all the relevant stake holders so that all parties understand how the wind-down is progressing.

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