COO - Operations & Trade Support

Institutional Infrastructure Support that Allows You to Focus on Delivering Alpha

Without a solid, scalable middle office infrastructure your fund cannot operate today or into the future. Investors of all sizes mandate an institutional investment operations structure. Operational due diligence is getting more in depth and specific, let Constellation’s team of experts help you operate to satisfy the most demanding investor.

Who we serve

We are a diverse group of operational investment professionals experienced in managing and executing best-in-class trade support and middle office services to meet regulations, due diligence checks and institutional investor mandates. We are experts in exceeding industry-wide operational best-practices that attract and retain large institutional investors looking for transparency, operational continuity and seasoned Chief Operational Officer.

What we do

We work with investment managers to tailor and implement cost-effective middle office, trade support and shadow accounting infrastructure and support. From designing effective operational controls and procedures, to conducting trade, portfolio and cash reconciliations, at Constellation we help clients mitigate operational risk, increase transparency and meet their fiduciary responsibility without the need to build out and manage excessive investment operational services.

How we do it

We integrate and synergize our years of experience supporting portfolio managers, family offices, institutional trading desks and fund administrators to execute lean, appropriate, scalable solutions. Whether its alternative investments or traditional long only strategies, Constellation Operational Services act as an Outsourced COO for hedge funds, mutual funds, and other financial firms. Constellation COO Services help investors manage growth by aligning each investment manager with the right people, systems, and support tailored to their specific needs.

Business Advisory & Consulting


Increasing efficiencies, performance, and enhancing entire organizations

CFO - Accounting & Finance


From shadow NAV calculations to outsourced CFO services

COO - Operations & Trade Support


Infrastructure support that gives you the peace of mind to focus on the front office

CCO - Regulatory & Compliance


Formulating and executing regulatory and compliance strategies in an ever-changing environment